At BRASH, our single purpose is to produce the best coffee we know how. We want to share our inspiration and passion for coffee and create a community through the celebration of it. We believe in meticulously procuring, roasting, and preparing coffee in a way that honors everyone involved, from the farmers to the roasters to the baristas. We are pursuers of simple, delicious coffee.


We source coffee directly from farmers we know and visit regularly. We work as partners, getting our hands dirty on their farms. The most important aspect of what we do when sourcing is developing lasting relationships with the farmers we work with. We visit single farms and buy the highest quality coffees we can find.



When our coffee arrives at the roaster, it is a raw green seed. Our goal is to take that seed, and like cooking other foods, draw out the best flavors possible. Every coffee and every roast is different. We strive to make every roast better by combining the science and art of roasting in each individual and unique batch.



Our coffee shop is designed to create easy, accessible, and communal experiences around coffee. We strive for everyone to have access to the best coffee, presenting it in a way that makes sense. As a result, we hope we to express and share our love for coffee through each and every cup.

BRASH is a place for everyone.